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As part of her desire to bring dance to the Narellan and Camden communities, Principal, April Pickering, encourages CSDS performances at local events such as the Camden Show, the Australia Day Festival, various school fetes and destinations such as Dreamworld on the Gold Coast.

Pre Junior

Pre JuniorPre Junior

This class is designed for 2-4 year olds. It combines the elements of both Jazz and Ballet.

We teach children to understand rhythm and music in a fun atmosphere. As our little students become more familiar with combining dance with music we gently introduce them to the basic techniques of jazz and ballet.



These exciting classes focus on fun style and energising technique. We include a warm up, stretching and corner work in each class.

At both mid-year and end of year concerts, a professional dance routine will be performed from this class.

By attending this class students gain a skill base of co-ordination, balance, rhythm, musicality and posture.


Tap DancingTap (GWT or Glen Wood Tap)

This is a style of dance that allows your feet to be the accompaniment. Tap offers a high-energy style of dance that combines rhythm with technique.

It is also a style that suits the beginner as much as the advanced dancer. With classes ranging from age 3 to adult Tap is suitable for all ages.


Ballet DancingBallet Exams (BAL – Ballet Australasia Limited)

Ballet is the basic structure for all forms of dance.

Our ballet classes are carefully designed to develop the essentials for good dance technique. This means that posture, movement quality, balance and co-ordination are carefully monitored. We also offer exams conducted by BAL (Ballet Australia Limited).

Modern Expressive

Modern Modern Expressive

Modern Expressive is a style that incorporates slow and expressive dance movements. CSDS classes allow students to use their ballet technique more openly while being encouraged to add feeling to their dance style. Modern expressive class are most beneficial for students wishing to build on their ballet studies as well as being equally suited to those looking for a ballet alternative.

Hip Hop and Junior Hip Hop

Hip hopHip Hop

Hip Hop is now an accepted, distinct style of dance which is rapidly increasing in popularity.

CSDS classes offer a fast paced enjoyable class with moves that will not only challenge the mind and body but showcase all aspects of the hip hop style.

Boys' Hip Hop

Boys stomp and hip hopBoys' Hip Hop

CSDS boys’ hip hop classes provide the perfect opportunity for boys wanting to learn the latest Tap and Hip Hop moves. Fast paced, our classes teach all aspects of the hip hop style and challenge the mind and body.

Put to popular music, our tap steps come from the Glenn Wood Tap syllabus. By keeping our classes up-tempo, we find that boys improve their rhythm, confidence and co-ordination skills.

Gymnastics and Tumble


Gymnastics is one of the most exciting forms of physical exercise. Great for the youngsters, it strengthens muscles, improves co-ordination and builds self confidence.

From forward rolls to flips, gymnastics is a fusion of strength, flexibility and power. Our students learn correct technique and are challenged by the progress they make through the skills we ask them to master. Students learn rolls, cartwheels, handstands, walkovers, handsprings, flips and acrobatics. And, at the end of the year they perform a display of their achievements.



Cheerleading is an exciting sporting craze in Australia and is fast becoming one of the most popular classes at Centre Stage Dance Studio. Incorporating dance, gymnastics, stunting and cheering, it develops lifelong skills in leadership and community spirit.  Cheerleading is great for physical discipline as well as mental attitude. For our pre-junior students this class is an introduction to cheerleading where kiddies learn tumbling, dance and of course, CHEERS.



Contemporary or modern dance is a style that takes free natural movements but incorporates them into the technique and structure of ballet or jazz. In our classes we aim to overlay the discipline of more traditional styles of dance with open interpretations.



CSDS solo classes are accommodated in our timetable for students who wish to have individual tuition.

Most solo classes are instructed by CSDS principal, April Pickering. Miss April specialises in ballet, tap, jazz and hip hop and she is a member of Ballet Australasia Limited (BAL).



Often attributed as a way to a flatter tummy, stronger abdominal muscles and a leaner shape, Pilates is a relaxing, low impact class.

You may well get relief for back and neck pain as our classes focus on breathing techniques and physical exercises which both relax and strengthen these areas.  


Singing Singing

Learn how to hold a tune while having fun at the same time. CSDS offers classes for beginners right through to advanced singing levels.

From traditional songs to the latest pop and RnB songs, our advanced students compete in various competitions and concerts.


Drama ClassDrama

To bring out the actor within, build self-confidence or just to feel at home in front of an audience. Whatever the reason, drama is a great way to tap into your creative side. Learn how to project your voice, to breathe correctly and to relax as you speak.

Fully trained, highly skilled and enthusiastic CSDS teachers work tirelessly with students to prepare for each and every performance.

  • Custom designed studios
  • Sprung dance floors
  • Fully air conditioned
  • Ballet Barres
  • Built in professional sound system
  • Wall to wall mirrors
  • Waiting room
  • Tea and coffee facilities
  • Snacks and drinks available
  • Limited off street parking